Isofroid. Insulation and Cold

Isofroid offers unmatched expertise in comprehesive refrigeration facilities. Over 30 years of experience guarantee our profeessionalism and career at refrigeration services.

Wide trajectory

We have extensive experience in working with clients in Spain, North Africa and West Africa wher Isofroid has well-known prestigious customers.

Unique Model

Our working model is unique, we plan and execute refrigeration facilities based on the needs of each customer regarding productos, location and space.


Isofroid provides projects with added value, such as energy saving and durability of the installed materials. Our experience is our guarantee of success.


In Isofroid we develop projects of industrial cold, from the project of the cold plant or equipment, to its construction and maintenance.

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    Integral Industrial Projects.
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    Facilities Design.
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    Comprehensive Control of Facilities.
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    Project and Process Engineering.
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    Design of Enclosures in Sandwich Facilities.
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Isofroid makes all kinds of cold installations fully equipped. From Refrigerated and frozen storage chamber, to special treatment units.

Last Projects

Compilation of outstanding projects carried out by Isofroid in Spain and North Africa and West Africa.