Integral Industrial Projects

We provide our services of design, installation and maintenance of cold and insulation systems to the food industry in general, as well as to logistics companies and supermarkets.

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    Fishing industry.
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    Meat and poultry industry.
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    Big surfaces.
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Facility Design

After seeing the blue prints or the work site, the location and the product to be treated, we proceed to do:

  • Thermal calculations to find out the refrigerating needs of each facility or general in frig-w-btu from oour Engineering departament.
  • Philosophy of the installation and flexibility of the same, with high level of quality and minimum costs.
  • Post-sale services and easy manteinance.
  • Blue prints details and scheme of each service and element.
  • Training of your staff to carry all the services if necessary.
  • Use of top class brands fro ever component, like compressors Bitzer, Frascold, Copeland; evaporators and condensers Eco, Kube, Alfa-Laval y automatisms Danfoss, Eliwell, and more.

Facility Global Controller

We provide the entire refrigeration control system and tools to supervise it. We can set specific array of different temperatures in different refrigerated areas. Our offer represents:

  • Electronically manage the installation and streamline cold generation: energy savings.
  • View and modify the temperatures of refrigerated spaces.
  • Record and save all information and temperatures 24 hours a day for a year.

Projects and Processes Engineering

Isofroid offers everything you need for projects, engineering, materials, installations and constriction management. After analyzing your needs and with the information of your facility location we able to provide installation and equipment ready to run.

  • Civil works projects: study and plans.
  • Project facilities and materials: specific studies and plans.
  • Cooling project: studi and plans.
  • Structure of ship: enclousure and cover (sandwich panel options).
  • General contractors, plumbing and electric
  • Venues refrigerators with isothermal panels.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Flake ice generators.
  • Silos for ice.
  • Electrical generators.
  • Desalination plants.
  • Electronic scales: conveyour belt and weight.
  • Varied materials for each factory.
  • Air conditioning for offices
  • Special floors.
  • Specific machinery for each sector.
  • Services works and stainless steel.
  • Shelving and racking.
  • Pallet truck and transpalets.

We have the ability to deliver turnkey installations

Sandwich Facility Design

The refrigerator sandwich panel is currently the best method for isolating facilities and refrigerated areas. Not only fulfills the mission of isolating, if not also offers the best esthetic and finish for any area of your industry.

We supply all kinds and variety of thicknesses and finishes of panels and mounting hardware to make sure the final image is really beautifull.

In negative cool chambers we insulate the floor at all times and monitor the thermal bridges to avoid unwanted transmissions.

We build all types of volumes and adapt to the available area, isolating if necessary pillars and projections.

For doors we have all the possible solutions: Hinged, sliding, service, air and PVC curtains, frames, desides from dividing doors to loading bays.

We offer multiple options, including electric automation for the doors.

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    All isolates are High Efficiency.
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    Suitable Thickness to match EXT & INT temperatures.
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    Quality of the panels, with qualified density, in addition to its aesthetic and finishes.
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    Speedly and effective installation.
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    Isotherm doors of various finishes and systems.
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    Isolated flooring, as appropiate.
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    Besides palletizing or several storage systems.